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Perhaps one would wonder why there would be a Testimonial page on an art website. Adding art to your home or workplace is like adding a piece of your heart and soul to your surroundings. Something about the art drew you to purchase it.  It brings you a new level of visual and emotional satisfaction. Many collectors of Makk artwork become emotional when they find the perfect painting. Witnessing this moment of connection between the collector and art is emotional in itself. If our artwork makes you happy, it makes us happy. 

Surprise gift....

There is nothing like surprising a loved one, especially with a commissioned painting of a special four legged family member! Larry wanted to surprise his brother and sister-in-law with a portrait of their Golden Retriever Simon. Simon had been through some serious health issues, so Larry thought it would be lovely to have a painting created to eternalize this loving family member. Eva Makk was asked to paint Simon and it was a hit!!!! The painting was titled "Simon Forever".

Painting of a golden retriever by artists Eva Makk

The sister-in-law Linda was beyond surprised and thrilled! The photos below show her moments after opening the box containing the painting. She is in shock. Even Simon liked his portrait. See him taking it in?

Photo of lady holding a surprise portrait painting of her golden retriever Simon.

 Simon the golden retriever looking at his portrait

Excerpt from Simon's owner who was surprised with the portrait:
"Dear Eva,
We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful painting “Simon Forever”. He is such a special boy - very gentle, sweet and loving. We are blessed to have him in our lives. ..................... Larry and his wife Linda are very special. We are so thankful they reached out to you to create this beautiful memory for us."


"The Swing"

Gale and Arnie had their heart set on artwork by Eva Makk to go in a special spot in their home in Hawaii. When Gale saw Eva's impressionistic garden scene titled "Whispers", she knew immediately that she wanted it!

Here's a photo Gale shared with us of her giclee hanging in her favorite spot.

Whispers giclee, a landscape, by Eva Makk


Reflection on Eva Makk’s painting that Gale calls “The Swing.”

"I love sitting on my couch in our family room and looking up on the wall at Eva Makk’s lovely painting. I call it “The Swing.” It brings me much pleasure to look at this lovely painting. I can make believe that I am on that swing, going up and down, admiring the lovely country setting. I can imagine that I am sitting in the chair, which is near the swing, as I sit & I read a book. The colors in this painting are so vivid and pleasing to look at." -  Gale Warshawsky