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Monumental Works - Church Murals

Makk Church Murals
Eva and Americo Makk arrived in Brazil as young talented fine artists in 1950 and remained in Brazil until 1962. By the time they left their names would be synonymous with church murals.  In 1954, they were hired as professors at the Paulista Academy of Fine Arts. At this time they were appointed official artists of the Brazilian government.
Eva and Americo Makk created monumental murals which have touched the hearts of viewers for over half a century. These works include al-fresco and al-secco ceilings and walls in sixteen cathedrals, churches and basilicas in South America and the United States. Like Michelangelo, Raphael and da Vinci, whose grand murals we appreciate centuries later, the  Makk name seems destined to live on as future generations admire their magnificent creations.
Manaus, Brazil
The Makks’ most famous church mural is the ceiling of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Manaus, Brazil. At 261 square yards, it is the largest single-motif ceiling mural in the world.  It's not your ordinary church mural if there is such a thing.
Manaus, Brazil Cathedral Mural by Eva Makk and Americo Makk
Below, Eva Makk painting the huge  ceiling of the Manaus Cathedral in Brazil. For scale, observe that the angel’s wing in the mural is much larger than Eva. Great technical skills were required to paint numerous large, detailed figures viewable only at arms-length while standing on high scaffolds. It took the Makks nearly two years to complete this ceiling.
Eva Makk painting an angel wing in the Manaus Brazil church ceiling mural
Eva and Americo Makk's son A.B., often climbed the scaffolding with his parents and watched them paint. Below is a amazing shot of the three of them sitting and chatting high up on the scaffolding in the cathedral in Manaus, Brazil. Eva and Americo would paint standing up. They continued painting even during mass, weddings and funerals!
 Americo Makk, Eva Makk and their son A.B. Makk atop scaffolding at the ceiling mural of the cathedral in Manaus Brazil 
Jau, Brazil
Jau is just outside Sao Paulo, Brazil. Eva and Americo Makk painted many spectacular wall murals in the cathedral in Jau. Their murals have become tourist attractions and many tourists have posted photos on social media, emailed us directly and mentioned the thrill of seeing the murals in the Brazilian Trip Advisor.
Americo Makk on scaffolding painting a mural in the cathedral in Jau, Brazil.
Above, Americo Makk is on scaffolding, painting in the cathedral in Jau.
Below is a photograph taken years after the mural was completed. It is still being seen by thousands of tourists and parishioners. And this is only one of the many murals Eva Makk and Americo Makk painted together in this cathedral.
 Americo Makk painting mural in the cathedral in Jau Brazil
Below another mural can be seen to the left, above the doorway.
 Mural painted by Americo Makk and Eva Makk in a cathedral in Jau Brazil.
Sobral, Brazil
Eva and Americo painted this mural behind the altar of the Church of Sao Francisco. Note that they signed their name Casal Makk which translates from Portuguese to the Makk couple. You can google Casal Makk and find many more treasures they painted in Brazil.
Mural painted by Americo Makk and Eva Makk known as Casal Makk in the church of Sao Francisco in Sobral Brazil
Taquaratinga, Brazil
Eva and Americo Makk painted murals depicting the stations of the cross in the Cathedral of Sao Sebastiao. They can be seen to this day!. The photos below are modern day captures of the church with the very visible murals.
 (Photo by Julian Sartori)
 Murals of Americo Makk and Eva Makk in the Cathedral of Sao Sebastiao Taquaratinga Brazil.

 Ecclesiastical Murals by the Makks - 1955 to 2001

  • Queen of Peace Church, Aurora, Colorado, USA: Murals
  • Memorial United Church of Christ, Dayton, Ohio, USA: Mural
  • Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Cornwall, New York, USA: Murals and ceiling
  • Cathedral Metropolitana de Manaus, Brazil: Murals and the world’s largest single theme ceiling
  • Igreja Sagrada Familia, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Tinted Glass
  • Igreja Santa Barbara, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Murals and ceilings
  • Igreja San Jose, Victoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil: Mural
  • Basilica de San Francisco, Sobral, Ceara, Brazil: Murals and ceiling
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, Areia, Paraiba, Brazil: Murals and ceiling
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, Sousa, Paraiba, Brazil: Murals and ceiling
  • Igreja da Santissima Virgem, Itaporanga, Paraiba, Brazil: Murals and ceiling
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Araraquara, Sao Paulo, Brazil: “Via Sacra” (Stations of the Cross)
  • Igreja San Sebastiano, Taquaritinga, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Murals
  • Palacio do Bispo, San Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Murals and ceiling
  • Basilica Nossa Senhora do Rosario, Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil: Murals and cupola
  • Igreja da Coroacao, Jau, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Murals