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How long does it take to paint a painting?

Sometimes you will see one of the Makk artists painting at a show or a demonstration. You may see a painting unfold rather quickly. The answer to the above is that the Makk artists have decades of skill and talent that they have built up over the years, thus making it possible to complete a painting faster than say an artist who just started painting a year ago. Just think of a person who just started out studying the violin versus a concert violinist. See the comparison?

Eva Makk painting an oil painting of Waikiki with Diamond Head in the background.
A.B. Makk painting with a palette knife


What is a giclee?

A Makk giclee is a digitally produced high resolution fine art reproduction on canvas of one of our paintings that has been scanned in a professional studio. Our giclees are usually in a signed and numbered edition of 100 and 10 Artist Proofs. Many people favor this medium as it resembles the original oil painting and can be framed to match your decor.

A Day in the Life of the Royal by Eva Makk An image of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Halemaumau by Americo Makk A painting of bubbling lava on the Big Island of Hawaii












What is a metal print?

A Makk metal print is a reproduction of one of our images on aluminum using a heat and chemical process. The company we work with in Hawaii uses aluminum made in the USA. Many people like this new presentation of our art as it has a modern look, the colors are vibrant and no framing is required. It is ready to hang right out of the packaging!

Eva Makk holding a metal print of her image ChallengeBack of a metal print of a Makk metal print


Is it better to buy a canvas giclee or a metal print?

There isn't a right or wrong answer to this question. It is based on preference. Do you like the shiny metal prints that don't require framing? Or do you prefer to hang a canvas which is a limited edition copy with the artist's numbering and signature? Price may also be a factor. The metal prints are less expensive than the canvas counterpart.

Canvas giclee - gallery wrapped giclee by A.B. Makk


There are so many paintings/artwork to choose from. How do I make a decision?

Buy whatever pulls at your heart and senses. Does the artwork make you feel good? Buying art is very personal. Remember, you will be taking it home, finding that special spot on the wall, and living with it every day. It's something special. We always say, never let anyone talk you into buying a piece of art. It's not their taste you want, it's yours.

Painting of Magical Moana by Eva Makk The banyan tree at the Moana Surfrider Hotel

Should I buy an original oil painting instead of a reproduction?

If you are able to purchase a Makk original oil, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of art. No one else will have it. If it is a published painting, others can only buy a copy, but you will be the only one with the actual oil painting. It is more valuable than any of the copies made from it.

 Morning Surf by Eva Makk Surfer riding a wave

Painting of Simon Forever by Eva Makk Painting of a golden retriever

Waikiki Memories by Eva Makk