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Eva Makk

Eva Makk is noted by clients for her ability to reach the spiritual essence of her subject. Her style of painting ranges from loose impressionism to tightly controlled realism. Frances Maier of Southwest Art wrote of Eva Makk: "Her feelings for life are reflected in all her paintings; they express love, beauty, dignity and a gracious elegance.  They are lyric poems realized visually, with a quality at once spiritual, ethereal, yet glowing with the warmth of life." 

Eva Makk’s distinguished career spans more than half a century.  Her work has been the focus of major public exhibitions, including the U.S. Senate Rotunda in Washington, D.C., and Carnegie International Center in New York. Her work has also been exhibited in numerous other galleries and museums spanning the United States, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Hungary, Brazil, Canada, and Japan.

Eva Makk is also a highly respected portrait artist.  Princess Kyoko Osano of Japan, and President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, are among the many dignitaries who have selected Eva Makk to create their portraits. She was recently commissioned to paint US Senator Daniel Akaka.

Like Michelangelo, Eva Makk has achieved a place in art history for her legacy of monumental murals.  Working jointly since 1950 with her husband, renowned artist Americo Makk, she has created murals in sixteen cathedrals and churches on two continents, one of them being the largest single-themed ecclesiastical painting in the world – stretching half a football field in length (28, 800 ft²). The most recent addition to this legacy are two murals in Aurora, Colorado.  Housed at Queen of Peace, one of the region’s largest churches, they are seen by more than 5,000 visitors each week.

Born in Ethiopia, where her Hungarian father was an advisor to Emperor Haile Selassie, Eva Makk later moved to Europe with her family.  After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Paris, she moved to Italy to continue her formal art studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome.  It was there that she met her future husband.  The couple moved to Brazil in 1950, where their reputations as artists rose rapidly.  Eva and Americo received appointments as Professors of Art at Sao Paulo Academy of Fine Art and later were named Official Artists of the Brazilian Government.  Among their many commissions was an unprecedented expedition deep into the Amazon rain forest to paint the indigenous tribal people. Unfortunately many of these tribes no longer exist, making the paintings a rare documentation of elusive tribal life.

In 1962 Eva and Americo moved to New York with their son A.B., and in 1967 they settled in Hawai'i, where their current home and studio are located.

Eva Makk enjoys sharing her art to help raise funds for many non-profits including the American Heart Association Hawai'i, Cancer League of Colorado, Global Down Syndrome, Habilitat, Make-A-Wish Hawai'i, Veterinarians International, National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii, Queens Medical Center and the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. Many of her paintings can be seen on episodes of Hawaii 5-O.

Eva Makk is the Resident Artist of the Royal Hawaiian Luxury Collection Hotel in Waikiki.