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"See that redhead? She's going to be my wife but doesn't know it." - Americo Makk to his friends from his dorm window in Rome, 1948

That was the beginning of the Makk Legacy, Eva and Americo Makk, both artists, joining together as husband and wife, sharing their talent, art and incredible journey with the world.

From Rome to Brazil, where they were the official artists of the Brazilian governemnt in the 1950s. They were sent into the Amazon to study various native tribes, sketch them and then create the images on large canvases to hang in government buildings. They painted 13 cathedrals - walls and ceilings of monumental sizes. And they were so young doing this!

In 1962, Eva Makk, Americo Makk and their Brazilian born son A.B. Makk, moved to Long Island, NY to start their life all over again. With almost no English, they worked hard to establish themselves with their phenomenal painting skills. They were amazed that they could order a Cadillac over the phone with no money down. A big change from Brazil where they had to pay for their van in full and wait for months for delivery!

Eva Makk, Americo Makk and A.B. Makk love the USA. Definitely the land of opportunity.  After five years, in 1967, they chose Hawaii as their permanent home to  sooth Americo's arthritic pain. They never regretted their move to paradise!

In 1988 A.B. Makk married Sylvia Makk who was plunged into the art business and has now been painting for over 25 years and managing the business side. They have a daughter, Alexandra Makk, who may join in sometime with paintbrush in hand.

The accomplishments and accolades are many. There is a lot to share.

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Why do you want to buy artwork by the Makk Family?

Their art is a part of a legacy, a legacy that is already a part of Art History.

They believe in quality and produce artwork and products that will last. 

 Their art has moved the soul of many collectors, and given them joy.

 Makk art subject matter is endless!!!!! There is something for everyone!