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The Makk Family: Fine art by world class and world famous artists now living in Hawaii. Remember the artists of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Donatello? Eva Makk and Americo Makk are the modern day Renaissance artists! Their historical murals and frescoes in thirteen cathedrals in Brazil embed their names forever in the annals of art history. Not only did they climb rickety scaffolding in their mid-twenties and early thirties to paint the frescoes, they were commissioned by the Brazilian government to venture into the Amazon jungle to study and make sketches of many native tribes of which several had never seen a white man before, especially a woman with red hair. Many thought her hair was on fire!

Over the years, the Makk Family has exhibited in many art galleries, museums and special events around the world. In D.C., Americo Makk’s portrait of Ronald Reagan was presented in the Oval Office at the White House. The portrait now hangs in the Reagan Museum Library in Simi Valley, California. President Jimmy Carter’s portrait was painted by Americo Makk and unveiled in the State Capital in Governor Ariyoshi’s chambers. The Carter portrait by Americo Makk was a gift to the President from the State of Hawaii.

The Makks traveled to many places but enjoyed focusing on their new homeland of the United States after leaving Brazil in 1962. You can travel with them through their many paintings of the wild west, the mountains of Colorado, the shoreline of California, the beautiful Hawaii Islands and much more, including the lights and dazzle of New York City. They also share their love for Brazil and Europe. Americo’s romantic street scenes take you back to the days of chivalry and romance. You can hear conversations and the clinking of glasses in many of Eva’s paintings of Paris. Sigh. And then there’s Americo’s magnificent paintings of Venice! Oh to be there today!

This glimpse of their life and work is that, just a glimpse. Do you know that their son A.B. Makk and his wife, Sylvia Makk are also artists? Visit the About Us and read more about the Makk Family of Artists. Check out the catalog up top under "Artwork". There are paintings for sale. Limited edition Giclees on canvas for sale. Metal Prints. Keepsake box that many call jewelry boxes. It’s all artwork for sale! Thank you for visiting with Eva Makk, Americo Makk, A.B. Makk and Sylvia Makk. Enjoy!

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Presidential Portraits By Americo Makk and Eva Makk

Americo and Eva Makk are among the most respected portrait artists in the world. For decades, they have been the artist of choice of scores of celebrities and dignitaries. Notably, Americo and Eva Makk have been selected to paint portraits of United States Presidents.  These Presidential portraits are now for sale.

Americo’s painting of President Carter was presented to the White House by Hawaii’s Governor Aryoshi in 1979. This portrait now is in the collection of the Jimmy Carter Museum and Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is one of the most famous Jimmy Carter paintings and captures the longest surviving US President next to an American flag.  We love the shadows and the accents in this truly American classic.

 In 1984 President Reagan personally received the Makk family at the White House. He held a special reception in the Oval Office for the Makk family, unveiling the portrait of President Reagan by Americo Makk, and the portrait of President and Mrs. Reagan by Eva Makk. The United States flag was flown over the White House in the Makks’ honor, and the flag was presented to the Makk family in an official White House ceremony. Today, these portraits are on view at the Ronald Reagan Museum and Presidential Library in California.

Presentation in The Oval Office

Makks meet President Jimmy Carter

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